The 9 Types of Photo Booth User

Working nearby a busy photo booth for a number of hours will open your eyes to the 9 different types of photo booth user who exist at almost every event we work at. During our team’s Monday-morning team meetings, it’s quite usual for conversation to digress into a chat about the these characters, here’s a run down of who they are:

1. The Prop Master General

You know the one. He heads straight for the prop box and divvies them out to his unsuspecting group of friends before they’ve even worked out what they’re about to get themselves in for. Oversized sunglasses to the poor soul stuck at the front knelt on the floor (in what should be called the unflattering seat). A crazy neon wig for the mate that still hasn’t picked up a round. Oh, and he saves the ‘best’ one for himself.

2. The Power User

You might not have seen this one because they’re a master of the photo booth. They’re opportunists – head straight in to the booth, get the shot and they’re out of there. You’ll notice the shared Facebook pictures used as profile photos for months to come until their next shoot.

3. The Invisible Friend

There’s always one friend who misses the boat completely and out of a set of four snaps, you’ll see his ear once, a strand of hair, an elbow… He, quite literally, blinks and misses it every single time.

4. The One Pose Pony

Then there’s the One Pose Pony, the friend who has perfected the art of the selfie and who just won’t let her one pose up. A reel of four photos but she has essentially copied and pasted herself throughout. But it’s my good side

5. The Poser

There’s an unspoken rule about photo booths: just have some fun and don’t take things too seriously. Nobody really cares if you’ve got a boss eye in 1 of 4 shots. But the Poser simply does not care. He’s in there working the camera: a smize in the first, a wink in the second, he’s practically a Victoria’s Secret model in the third before rounding things off with a charming kiss on his neighbouring pal’s cheek. Nailed it.

6. The Tenants

We’ve all encountered the Tenants. The awesome foursome who arrive at the party, do a round and then take up residency in the photo booth. Others may join by invitation but the Tenants do kind of end up becoming a prop in themselves.

7. The Elite Team

The Elite Team is a squad of 3 or 4 photo booth experts. It can include a Power User, Poser and other such users but the Elite Team nail it with a variety of coordinated poses – unplanned – every time.

8. The Grump

You’ve all seen him. The Grump is the one standing arms folded in the queue, surrounded by excitable One Pose Ponies, Power Users and Invisible Friends. He categorically does not want to be in the photo but is also just a little interested in getting a photo booth shot to say he did it and use it as his Twitter #NewProfilePhoto for the next year.

9. The Collector

Almost strictly reserved for the wedding scenario is the Collector. Usually small, aged around 7 and wearing an adorable waistcoat that was in the Next sale, he excitedly runs around with a stack of carefully collected photo booth strips that are as precious to him as having a Shiny Charizard Pokemon card back in the 90s. None of which feature him. Let’s face it, he’d be the Invisible Friend in there anyway.

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