Sometimes known as bullet time or a camera array, Time Arc takes photo booth tech to the next level with nine or more cameras that capture every angle at the exact same moment. Stitch those images together and you get a multi-angle, ‘3D’ Boomerang that’s impossible not to share.


Step 1:

Guests get into position in front of a rig of five or more digital cameras. A JustPose host keeps energy high and counts down to the exact moment when all the cameras snap at the same time.



Step 2:

Our software takes the images from all the cameras and ‘stitches’ them together to create an animated GIF. We add in any branded overlays, intros and/or outtros that you have requested.



Step 3:

Using the JustPose Sharing Platform, guests tap in their mobile number or email address and their output is sent to them instantly, ready for them to share on social feeds.


Interested in hiring or buying a Time Arc?


The Time Arc is compatible with the JustPose Sharing Platform.


Guests simply tap in their mobile number or email address at the end of their experience, and a sharing link is delivered instantly by email or SMS. This enables them to share their image, GIF or video from the comfort of their own device.



We can brand the front, back and sides of the Time Arc camera array as well as the backdrop.





All outputs can be branded with custom overlays, borders and GIF/boomerang intros and outtros. There are unlimited possibilities to make your mark.


Design services are available from our in-house studio; alternatively we can work with your own design files.

“A big thanks again to you and Naomi for your help with the Unidays collaboration event, we’ll be back soon”.


The Time Arc requires a space of at least 3m x 4m; a power supply; a good and reliable Internet connection (if live sharing is required) and access to the venue at least 5 hours prior to live time (packs down again in under an hour).

Interested in hiring or buying a Time Arc?

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