Guests are 55% more likely to share to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using our social platform vs traditional sharing methods.

Now compatible with all our products and GDPR ready.

Seamless live sharing

All our products are compatible with our sharing software. Guests simply tap in their mobile number or email at the end of the experience, a sharing link is instantly delivered by SMS or email enabling them to share seamlessly from the comfort of their own device.

Feature packed microsites

Guests’ photo/boomerang or video are displayed on your microsite which is fully customisable.

Branded overlays and filters

Consistently position your brand or message on all shares. Our studio can help create bold and even animated overlays to make all content pop.

Surveys and data capture

Want to capture a little more than visuals? Politely ask for a little more as part of the process. Fields include single line text, free text and select options.

Event reports

Results are what you hire us for right? We have some pretty sophisticated ways of measuring them. Our custom software allows us to offer live and post-event reports, including stats on simple things like output counts, print counts and usage, right the way through to insights on shares, the most popular sharing channels, the most popular outputs, Microsite clickthroughs, social reach and total impressions.

Common Questions


Currently, you can choose to let guests share to all or some of the following;

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Whatsapp. If you’d like guests to be able to share with another platform, please ask us about a custom intergration.

Optionally, microsites can also offer;

  • Email sharing – useful if the link was originally sent by SMS and guests want to send to their own or someone else’s email.
  • Download – useful for saving for later.

See our Knowledge Base Article ‘Customising the Microsite Journey‘ which includes full details of the customisable elements and a live template.

Yes, absolutely. See our Knowledge Base Article ‘Customising the Microsite Journey‘ which includes full details of the customisable copy.

To get the best results, a reliable internet connection with a suitable upload speed will be required. Please check the requirements for the specific details of the type of connection and upload speed required for the products you’re working with. As a general rule of thumb, an ideal upload speed is at least 6Mbps, public and free Wi-Fi networks tend not to be suitable. Sometimes, we’re able to supply a 4G connection as an alternative. Please ask for more info.

There might be a time where you want or need guests to share from an iPad. For instance where the product you’re using doesn’t have its own built-in touch screen (like the Time Arc or Mini Studio) or for really busy events where you’d like to make sharing even faster.

iPads running our software can be used to capture phone numbers/email addresses and send microsite links (just like in step 2 of in the ‘Seamless Live Sharing‘ section above). One more multiple iPads can be used to share the same or different outputs simultaneously, ideal for making sharing with individuals in groups easy.

Our iPad software also allows for direct sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (where guests enter their login details), bypassing the microsite. Though microsite sharing tends to be guests the preferred option as many won’t remember their login credentials or will understandably wish to not disclose them (even though our devices and app is totally secure and logs users out automatically).

Yes, we have a framework in place to ensure that all our activities are GDPR compliant (or will be by the May deadline) and we’ve already provided fully compliant activations which satisfy even a financial institution’s requirements. Watch this space we we’ll shortly be publishing a full blog post and relevant data on GDPR, in the meantime please ask for more info.

The Social Platform works with all our products even where the product doesn’t have it’s own natively built-in touch screen (such as the Time Arc or Mini Studio), see the FAQ ‘Can guests share from an iPad?” for more info.


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