The Mirror

A stylish choice for glamorous and evening celebrations, this is a fully functioning, open photo booth disguised as a mirror. The Mirror features full-height glass and retro cabochon lighting, which adds a flattering glow to every shot.

Priced from £895


Stunning photos or GIFs.

Automatically branded. Delivered digitally or printed.

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About the Mirror

Guests often mistake the Mirror Booth for… well, a mirror. Full height glass and dressing room-effect bulbs make this a stylish choice for an evening event where looks are everything – and it’s particularly popular with our clients in the fashion and beauty industries.

The reflective surface hides a DSLR camera, and a digital display prompts guests to pose whilst simultaneously enabling them to perfect their look in real time.

The Mirror captures a choice of digital photos and/or GIFs. We can apply a digital branding overlay automatically.

Like most Mirrors, this one is designed to be positioned against a wall. It captures full height shots, so a backdrop usually isn’t required – but if you would prefer to have one we can configure it with extra cladding to make the reverse side of the Mirror look presentable as it faces out into the room.

Once photos or GIFs are captured, they’re sent instantly to the sharing station. Here, guests can share them seamlessly to their social feeds or choose to print their creations. If you wish, you can give them a choice of filters to apply before they share or print.

We can customise the full user journey - from the digital display through to each screen on the sharing station – to fit with your brand guidelines, event theme or campaign messaging.

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FAQs & Downloads

Q1. Where can I find details of all the branding opportunities?

See the Branding Opportunities PDF (opens in new tab).

Q2. In terms of space, power, Wi-Fi etc, what does the Open Air need?

See the Considerations PDF (opens in new tab).

Q3. How much does the Open Air cost?

Use the Customise & Quote tool below. Or, feel free to call us on 0207 112 8962.

Q4. Does the Mirror need a backdrop?

Not necessarily, it’s up to you. The Mirror is designed to be positioned against a wall facing into a room. We recommend cladding the back of the Mirror when using a backdrop.

The Mirror

Customise & Quote

Use our handy tool to see all the customisation options for your Mirror and request a quote.
Simply browse through the tabs and add the customisations you’re interested in, then submit your enquiry (through the cart at the bottom right).
We’ll aim to review your enquiry and email your quote within 1 working hour.

“We booked the JustPose Mirror Booth for a event at the Tate and I have to say it was brilliant. A great product, easy to use and so much fun for all of your guests. Will was great with guests and Sam made the whole booking process easy. We hope to work with you again!”


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