Our Story

Just Pose began in 2012, when we took a punt on buying one of the UK’s first mobile photo booths.

Today we’re pioneers of the digital photography experience, matching in-house techy know-how with a passion for creating seamless brand activations that deliver real results.

Rules to pose by: The Just Pose Philosophy

A Just Pose experience is physically exciting and digitally thrilling.

We live a big part of our lives online, so the experiences we deliver blur the boundaries between physical and virtual reality.

Without fun we are nothing.

Fun underpins everything we do, so everything we do should be fun.

We don’t do things by halves.

We’re all about impressing people – and that energy is infectious and addictive.

We are open-minded and brave.

We learn constantly, are open to other opinions and always ready to change our minds. We innovate, evolve and reinvent; teach, inspire and influence.

Working with us is seamless and easy.

Because we work with technology, people expect complexity. Our team and tech make life simple, accelerating results and super-charging experiences.

People are people and should be treated as such.

You, us, the audiences we connect with – nobody should be made to do things they don’t want to do. Respect is paramount.

We are fortunate to do a job that we love, with people who treat us as equals, in a city of opportunity.

We’re in a great position to give something back to those who enjoy fewer privileges.

Our Team

The manically smiling people you can see here are our London-based team. We also have a team of freelancers without whom we could not possibly operate. From our uber passionate hosts (like Luke S. who gets a special mention for his awesome reviews!) to Simon and his team at Studiose.

Head keeper at our zoo – he’s used to being savaged – and king of all things digital, Sam’s love of the gym is only rivalled by his adoration of the food stalls at Borough Market. £6 mac and cheese, anyone?


Sophie is master of all things ‘S’. She runs our sales department, is super smiley and is also Spanish (she’s not in the least bit Spanish).


With an eagle eye for perfection and detail, Jessica is our queen of office. When not at work, she can be found on a sun lounger with a good book and a brimming glass of Pinot. Even when it’s raining.


Head of Operations (which makes him sound like a surgeon), Dale is tall, warm and friendly. We call him BFG – to his face, though, so it’s OK.


Having been with JustPose™ since the very beginning, John is the official enforcer of efficiency and fun and is our lead host. The person he’d most like to go running with is Barack Obama – but who would be faster?