Oasis #Sourcasm

SEPT’ 17

This summer, Oasis – owned by Coca Cola – launched two new beverage flavours: Kiwi Apple Sour and Apple Cherry Sour. Both made with natural flavours and no additives or preservatives, key selling points to the new range.

On behalf of Oasis the experiential campaign was lead by industry-leaders Playmaker, we worked closely with their expert team from the concept to completion. The Oasis Sampling Team toured all across the UK throughout the summer. Rocking up at festivals, theme parks and shopping centres, the team nailed their brand activation, giving away cute little 250ml taster bottles of the new flavours as well as offering consumers the opportunity to create ‘Sour GIFs’.

Using a customised Mirror Photo Booth, something we created especially for the campaign and tour, the concept was simple and original. Consumers step up, tap to start and then have 4 photos taken, which our Mirror Photo Booth automatically uses to generate an animated GIF with a classic sour face effect.

Given that Oasis had their own trucks – for transporting thousands of tiny sample bottles – and had a team the size of a small army, it just made sense for them to take care of our Mirror too. So, we supplied just what they needed: a full pre-production service, including development of the user interface and hardware customisation, a day of training and ongoing support (remote, telephone support) for the long-term rental. Oh, and a tent. And stats! Many stats and numbers.

Consumers had the choice of printing or sharing their creations, or of course they could do both! The especially designed touch screen user interface (which appears on the Mirror’s glass) made this easy.

If consumers wanted to share they’d just tap in their mobile number and then they’d receive a link to their photo on Oasis’s branded microsite, so they could share seamlessly to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and/or WhatsApp.

We built the Mirror to be super quick and can handle high footfalls with ease. Nonetheless, us Brits do love a good queue and will always find a way to form one in an orderly fashion. This photo was only taken 5 minutes after opening!

So far: 26 locations. 4,400 photos snapped. 1,694 shares. 57k social impressions.

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