Nailing the Instagram Story

When Instagram announced their new Stories feature back in August 2016, the social media world exploded with indignation at their defiant use of what made Snapchat so addictive. With no face filters (then, at least), Stories offered Instagram users a dynamic platform from which to instantaneously divulge a snippet of their lives, avoiding the carefully curated feeds that we’re not unfamiliar with and breathing some fun back into the 7-year-old app.

The Instagram Story is a proven hit amongst businesses and individual users alike with 400 million active users a day. But how does one nail the elusive Instagram Story? Doesn’t it disappear in 24 hours anyway? Here’s our guide:

Keep it fun!

Unlike the Instagram grid that is carefully thought out and hashtagged to within an inch of its’ life, Stories is all about the fun, the instant, the here and now. Saw something fun on the street? Take a little video! Showcase the behind-the-scenes of your business, event or even how you edited your newest ‘gram. And don’t forget the stickers, neon pencil and other in-built features.

Swipe up

Stories offers a great workaround the obligatory ‘Link in bio!’ with a ‘Swipe up’ tool whereby users can add a link to their snap. If your account has more than 10k, you’ll be able to add a link to direct your followers and it’s a great way to get people clicking to a website, blog or even a product.

Consistency is key

When it comes to nailing the Instagram Story experience, it’s all about consistency. More than 50% of Instagram users follow a brand and it’s tough to stand out in a platform that’s all about scrolling and instant viewing. Whether it’s creating a mini series that followers can expect to see daily or weekly, or simply ensuring you pop a few posts up a day, it’s consistency that’ll have them coming back to see you time and time again.

What works well:

  • Mini vlog snippets
  • Behind the scenes of your event
  • A recommendation
  • Similar colours used throughout a 24-hour Story
  • Repetitions of subjects

Location location location

One of the most undeniably cool features of Stories is the location geotagged sticker. What’s great about this is that you can tag your location and the geotag Story will automatically capture your post and share it to an often wider audience. It’s great for generating footfall and also showing off that you’re a bit of a nomad once in a while.

Boomerang buzz

We’re big fans of the GIF here at Just Pose so it makes sense that we can’t resist the Boomerang buzz. To find the Boomerang feature, simply swipe left on the Stories camera and you’ll find the Boomerang camera. Hold down to capture a movement, et voila! Instant social sharing magic.

Activate Insights

Our last tip is to activate Insights. A standard account will allow you to see Insights by tapping on your own Stories’ views (right at the bottom of the screen).  But Business Analytics gives you the full lowdown on what’s good with your Story. You’ll find this in the Settings tab and this will allow you to see a more in-depth insight into how your Stories are actually doing and what’s not quite working for you.

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