Customising the Microsite Sharing Journey


The messaging and branding featured within the Microsite Sharing Journey can be customised for your campaign or event, this page is for clients and their designers who want to learn more about the customisation opportunities and how to supply copy and artwork assets.


For more information on the features and benefits of Microsites (and our Sharing Platform), please see the Product Page.

How Microsite Sharing Works

Questions on How Microsite Sharing Works?

If Microsite Sharing is included and we’re supplying a product which doesn’t have it’s own touchscreen (like our Time Arc or Mini Studio) then we’ll supply an iPad running our Social Platform app. This will enable guests to enter their mobile number in the same way as outlined above.

Usually, we recommend delivering microsite links by SMS as this is quicker and simpler than emailing (SMS messages tend to deliver instantly and entering a mobile number is simpler than an email).

However, if you’d prefer to use email this is possible by introducing an iPad running our sharing app. Guests are then able to enter their email address on the iPad at the end of their experience. An email containing the microsite link (similar to the SMS message) would then be sent, or guests’ photos/videos/boomerangs can be sent directly as email attachments. Please ask for more information about iPad sharing.

Yes, we do have the functionality to ask additional on-screen questions and capture data, there are various options for this. Of course, data capture activities have to be inline with relevant Privacy Policies and GDPR, please talk to us and we’ll be able to guide you through the options.

It is possible to customise the guest journey so that mobile numbers/email addresses are saved and used for marketing purposes, so long as the guest is properly made aware of the opportunity to opt-in and subsequently gives their consent. We usually do this by customising the Privacy Notice displayed at the start of the experience and adding a custom opt-in field, please talk to us about the opportunities. Please note that we take Privacy seriously and without these provisions, we don’t store guests’ contact data for longer than it’s required. More information on how we handle data responsibly can be found in our Privacy Policy.

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Customisable Elements

Questions on Customisable Elements?

Yes, this is the User Interface displayed on the touch screen of the product we’re supplying. User interfaces vary from product to product, so please contact us for more information on customising these.

Yes, we call these overlays they’re available for boomerangs, gifs and video outputs too! Please contact us for more information on customising these.

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