When Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) came to us to help them celebrate a whopping 50 years in London, we couldn’t wait to get cracking. Founded in 1784, BNY Mellon is the oldest banking corporation in the States and is the 20th oldest bank in the world. To put things in context just a tad more, they have over 31 TRILLION dollars in assets. That’s quite something.

To celebrate their 50-year London anniversary, the investment bank hosted a party at the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts for over 500 guests. And as with anything BNY Mellon, they wanted to innovate, to engage and inspire their guests to mark and remember the occasion.

Enter… well, us.

BNY Mellon wanted a bespoke photo experience for their guests, situated in the Vestibule at the top of Burlington House’s grand staircase. A Grade II listed building, it was the perfect space to crack on with bespoke creative to show off London in all of its understated, rainy glory. (It also meant we had a 30-minute window with which to get everything set up. If there’s anything we can do, it’s the job well done and to the clock!)

We designed a full set with a custom printed, 67’ backdrop of historical Piccadilly Circus, a real-life full-sized red telephone box (subtly branded, of course) and a box full of those all-important props.

Our very own Naomi welcomed guests and served as Chief Prop Disher-Outer, Matt got to work behind the camera and Jess and Stuart were on hand to help guests email and share their photos. Jess.& Stuart also printed copies to place into some pretty swish branded souvenir wallets which we made too.

Putting a photographer behind a camera like this like is the best way to get the most out of both groups ranging in size and the bespoke set they stand upon. Our photographers use the same software as our photo booths thus creating a a way for every guest to take away stunning photos, while still maintaining smooth printing and sharing functions (even with lots of demand from big numbers of guests!).

12hrs artwork design, 2 Site visits, 1 XL truck, 30 minutes to setup, 1 real red London telephone box, 3 energetic hosts, 1 JustPose™ photographer, 3 hours behind the camera, 200+ photos, 200+ custom branded souvenir wallets, 200+ email shares.

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