Tricks of the trade from a top-notch brand ambassador

Tricks of the trade from a top-notch brand ambassador

It’s all very well spending weeks dreaming up a clever concept for your photo booth hire, but if nobody wants to take part you can kiss goodbye to those brand reach targets. 

Audience participation is key to getting the most from your photo booth hire, so a team of brand ambassadors to hype up the crowd is a wise investment. Good BAs will live and breathe your brand, enhance the experience for your guests and – crucially – make it easy for everyone to get involved. 

If your guests feel comfortable and confident posing for the camera, their photos, GIFs, Boomerangs and videos will be much, much better. That means they will share them more and your brand or message will spread further. For this alone, brand ambassadors are worth the extra spend. 

We interviewed one of our seasoned brand ambassadors Naomi, to tell us more about her role. At the start our interview, she said: “The trick is in persuading, cajoling and coercing guests to leave their inhibitions behind when they step inside the photo booth”. When we asked how she does it, she explained it’s all about the five C’s:”


An easy one. Tell people they look awesome, and they’ll feel awesome. You have to sound like you mean it, though!

It’s important to adapt your tone and language to the environment. Is the photo booth experience intended to be fun or serious? Is is a party or a formal business event? 

I tend to stick to a bright, conversational tone that lifts the mood, but is respectful to guests and doesn’t make them feel uncomfortable. 


If people are stuck for ideas on how to  pose or what to do with the props, setting them a challenge can spark their imagination. I like asking things like “Who’s the most creative amongst you?” or “Who wears this prop best?”. 

Some guests feel more comfortable working to a process and knowing what’s coming next. In a multi-photo or GIF set-up I might give them a different caption for each shot, so their pose has to change each time and they get a better end result.


Good group shots are really share-worthy and have great fridge-appeal, so it’s worth getting them right.  Having a brand ambassador set them up is a good idea, otherwise, people tend to crowd in together and hide each other’s faces. 

I like getting each guest to look or point in a different direction, or all point towards one key person in the middle – that’s far more interesting than the standard cheesy grin and more likely to get them sharing their output on social. 

Queue (OK, not strictly a ‘C’, but say it out loud…)

There is a lot of power in a queue. If you can get one going, it will only get longer as guests sense that there’s some fun to be had. 

Whilst the photo booth is occupied, brand ambassadors can start prepping the next person or group. I get them to riffle through the prop box, choose a caption or get their outfit ready. By the time it’s their turn, they should be hyped up and ready to go. 

We sometimes use a Mirror Booth outside the main photo experience so that people can check out their look and practise their pose whilst they’re waiting. I like asking the queue for ideas or suggestions about props and choreography – it often leads to some seriously competitive posing! 


Most, if not all, photo booth hires have an on-screen countdown – but I always count down verbally from outside the booth too, particularly if the camera is snapping several photos with a short gap in between. 

I talk constantly throughout the experience – to reassure guests that they are looking great; to cue their next pose; and to put everyone at ease. The last thing they need is to suddenly feel like they look stupid – and I can prevent that by keeping the mood high and exciting throughout their experience. 

Brand ambassadors can really transform a photo booth experience and send guests away with photos and videos that they love. 

Nowadays, it’s not as simple as crowding into a booth with your mates – guests expect more and want outputs that impress to share on their social networks. Brand ambassadors can help you exceed those expectations and give your guests an experience that stands out from the crowd. 

Naomi is a professional brand ambassador who has worked on JustPose projects for clients including Hunter, ASOS and Instagram. If you’d like to hire a brand ambassador like Naomi to make a difference to your photo booth hire or brand activation, get in touch today. 

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