Prada Thunder Launch

Prada Thunder Launch

A last-minute brief from a big brand looking for a premium photo experience to support an important, in-store promotion.

When Prada approached us to support them with a product launch, we had just a week to create a high end, in-store experience that would help them extend their brand reach.

The Brief

Project: Prada Thunder Launch
Location: Old Bond Street, London.
Aim: Encourage online sharing of brand and messaging; capture customer data.
Requirements: Concept development, production, project management, staffing.
Budget: £5-10k

Our Approach & Solution

Product / Service: The Open Air Booth with a custom printed backdrop, exterior branding and digital user experience which included digital props and branded live sharing.
Turnaround: 7 days.

With limited floor space in Prada’s store on Old Bond Street, we settled on the compact-but-oh-so-powerful Open Air Booth.

The Results

The booth captured single-shot stills that guests could print or download via a customised email, ready to share instantly to their social feeds.

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