7 Photo Booth Essentials for a Brilliant Brand Activation

7 Photo Booth Essentials for a Brilliant Brand Activation

So, you’ve been asked to find a photo booth for a brand activation. There are a few to choose from, aren’t there? Will you keep it simple with a traditional Cabin? Go for something a bit fancier that creates GIFs? Or perhaps you need a video booth? What about social sharing? And how are you going to get your audience to take part in the first place?

As you’re probably discovering, there’s much more to a successful photo experience and brand activation than ‘just a photo booth’.

‘Just a photo booth’ works if it’s your friend’s 30th and you want a few fun snaps to stick on your fridge; but when your marketing plan hinges on a successful brand activation – one that draws customers in and gets them talking about your brand – you’ll need to plan a bit more carefully.

The good news is, none of this is rocket science. The even better news is, our Photo Booth Hire in London is just scratching the surface of what we do, we’ve been running photo experiences for big brands for years… and we don’t mind sharing our secrets on brand activation!

There are seven essentials to consider when planning a photo marketing event or brand activation. Cover these off and your project will be so much more than ‘just a photo booth.

1. Be in the right place, at the right time

Deciding where to install your photo experience is key.

Who are the people you want to target? Where do they spend their time and when is the best moment to catch them?

If your marketing goals include driving in-store footfall, you might install your booth outside so that people spot it as they pass. If it’s all about awareness and reach, consider a location where your potential audience gathers – like a railway station.

When the cult American TV series, Family Guy, moved to ITV, we set up a photo experience right in the middle of Waterloo station. With 250,000 people passing through every day, it was a great location for spreading the word.

2. For brand activations, you need to catch their eye with something clever & creative

Photo booths are so common these days that people are unlikely to stop unless there’s something that really catches their attention.

Think about how you can use your brand’s creative throughout the entire photo experience. In most cases, your photo booth provider will offer a branded backdrop, branded prints or digital images and branded skins for the booth itself (if they don’t, find another provider).

Customisation can go even further to ensure that your creative and messaging come through at every touch point. With JustPose, you can customise the user interface of each of our photo booths and experiences so that participants never exit the brand experience.

Our final trick here is to think in four dimensions, rather than two. What are your brand values? What does your company stand for? How can you make this come across in your photo experience?

When we built a photo activation for Hunter at the All Points East festival, we developed a unique, 4D experience that made the most of the brand’s festival associations and gave customers a superb output to share.

3. Bring them in with brand ambassadors

A good brand ambassador won’t just wear your t-shirt, they’ll bring your brand activation to life.

Many of the team we use on a regular basis are off-duty actors – and there’s a good reason for that! They aren’t shy, they love performing and they’re good at learning lines (*talking about your brand*).

Brand ambassadors, booth butlers, or whatever you want to call them know how to get the best group shots; are well practised in putting people at ease; keep the energy up and – most importantly – show participants how to share their photos on social media.

They make the difference between a photo booth that stays empty all day and a queue that forms around the block (see below for more of our thoughts on queues!) – so don’t dismiss them as an extra cost that you can manage without.

4. Harness the power of a queue to fuel your brand activation

Ooohhh, we love a queue! If you can get one started, it will only grow longer – it’s like photo marketing magic.

Queues are created by a combination of points 1, 2 and 3 above: lots of people in the right place, creative that catches their attention, and brand ambassadors that are good with a crowd.

There’s a bit of a balance to strike between a buzzy, fast-moving queue and a longer-than-acceptable wait. No matter what you’re offering, if your audience gets bored or fed up you’ve lost them.

That’s where incentive and simplicity come in…. so read on!

5. Show them what’s in it for them

Even your most devoted fans won’t queue for a photo experience if they don’t see a personal benefit.

It could be as simple as getting a photo or a GIF that makes them look cool on social (come on, we all do it); but if your brand is not quite up there, or you don’t have the budget for high-spec tech, you might want to underpin your experience with a giveaway or an incentive.

Our photo booth software can be set up to offer competitions, vouchers and lotteries (such as randomised discounts or prizes), or we can add the facility to create a tangible giveaway.

Check out our projects with Jeep at Crufts (where we captured doggy portraits and turned them into free tote bags for their owners) and Hired.com (where guests received a professional headshot in return for submitting their email data).

Sometimes, it’s simply the activation itself that is the incentive. For the Virgin Money London Marathon, we captured thousands of runners’ photos as they came to collect their race packs the day before – giving them the perfect shot to help them with fundraising.

6. Keep it quick and simple

Once you’ve got your audience into your photo booth, keep things nice and simple. An overly-complicated experience will switch people off.

Make the instructions on the user interface clear and easy to read, and don’t make your guests hang around in awkward poses – that’s just embarrassing for everyone. Your brand ambassadors are a great asset when it comes to choreographing group shots and ensuring people understand what they need to do to get a great photo.

Take the shots quickly, then make it super easy for them to get hold of their image, GIF or video. We like to send ours instantly to guests’ own mobiles, in a branded email, so that they can share them online from a device that they are familiar with.

Which leads us on to sharing….

7. Make sharing easy

If you want your participants to share your message on social, your outputs need to be share-worthy and the experience needs to excite them. Hopefully, if you’ve followed steps 1 – 6, you’ve got that nailed.

Don’t let your brand activation fall at the final hurdle by making the social sharing process convoluted. JustPose guests can share to social in three clicks: 1) by opening the branded email we send them, 2) by downloading the optimised image or GIF to their phone, and 3) by posting it on their social feeds of choice.

Everyone loves the comfort of their own device. Imagine asking an iPhone user to share something via an Android interface – if it’s not intuitive, they’ll give up… and you’ll miss an opportunity to extend your brand’s reach.

So there you have it: 7 sure-fire ways to make your photo marketing event a success. Good luck!… and if you’d like any further advice brand activation then do not hesitate to get in touch!

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