Experiential Marketing Is Trending For 2018 – And Here’s Why

Far beyond ‘yet another marketing buzzword’, experiential is one of the biggest trends in the industry right now. As digital takes over and traditional advertising and media take a backseat, experiential marketing and marketing agencies are shifting to creating experiences and events that stay with the audience long after they’ve left their doors.


It’s expected that marketers will allocate up to 50% of their budget on experiential marketing in the next 5 years.


Experiential marketing is, in short, a new method that strings together events and marketing. An experiential activation will tap into one-to-one experiences in order to – hopefully – create a long-term, more meaningful relationship between the brand and the audience. It could be a pop-up event, a festival, a trade show or a product launch installation: any event is technically an experiential activation. The key is creating an event beautifully tailored to your target audience that they’ll remember, talk about and leaves them feeling something.

It establishes a relationship

From the moment your audience visits your pop-up, event or installation, you’ve got a little bit of rapport going. Your host might greet them and chat to them a little about what’s going on. They’ll be introduced to all of the new tricks at the event, and it takes a bit of gusto to be posing all over the shop for photo booth action or to get stuck in to trying your products. Done correctly and creatively, your audience will remember and talk about the experience.

It increases sales, tried-and-tested

According to a recent survey conducted mid-2017 by Freeman, 56% of North American and 50% of Asian marketers reported increased sales from introducing experiential marketing to their strategy and budget. More than 90% of all marketers surveyed agreed that ‘brand experience delivers strong face-to-face interaction and more compelling brand engagement’.

It keeps the conversation going

Executed properly, experiential marketing is the kind of thing that’ll keep the conversation surrounding your brand going. Physical takeaways from such events are awesome for this: those photo booth print-outs that stay on fridges or on a millennial’s desk will be laden with your branding and they make great Timehop fodder all-round as well. While a press release can easily be tossed into digital Trash, a bespoke event with all the bells and whistles on will stick in someone’s memory and that’ll be your lasting legacy. Think about that.


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