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Whatever the goal, we’re the full-service photo marketing agency who can help you nail it.

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Our Story

The manically smiling people you can see here are our London-based team. We also have a team of freelancers without whom we could not possibly operate. From our uber passionate hosts (like Luke S. who gets a special mention for his awesome reviews!) to Simon and his team at Studiose.


  • Why should I hire you?

    If you need to spread the word about a brand, product or service, we can help you engage an audience, connect with them and get them to share your messages with their friends and contacts.

    Our photo experiences will pull in a crowd, deliver high quality branded content and encourage easy, track-able sharing over multiple social networks. To put it simply, we help get your message to the masses.

    Client feedback shows that a JustPose experience delivers measurable results. Not only that, but we’re nice to work with and great at turning things around quickly (good to know if you’ve left it ‘til the last minute…).

    Give us a call to discuss your next brand activation idea.


    Just looking for a simple photo booth for a celebration? Visit our little bros at GoPose.

  • Who else has hired you?

    We work with a diverse range of individuals, agencies and big-name brands on an equally diverse range of projects.

    Nobody likes a name-dropper, but since you asked… Facebook, Google, Twitter, Virgin Money, MINI, Barclays, Coach, ASOS, Vauxhall and Hunter.

    The best way to get to know our work is through our case studies.

  • Do you rent out photo booths for parties?

    Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed for high volume events, so it doesn’t come cheap.

    If you’re just after a simple photo booth for a wedding or a party, visit our little brothers at Go Pose.

  • Which areas do you cover?

    Our studio is in London and that’s where you’ll find us working the most, although we’ve travelled all over Europe and will never say no to hopping on a plane!

    We do have to pass on our travel expenses though, if that’s what you’re wondering.

  • Can I come and visit?

    Of course! We have a studio in Bermondsey so if you’d like to see any of our equipment in action, give us a call and arrange a time to come over.

  • Are the photos and videos that you capture affected by the GDPR?

    Images and video footage of individuals count as ‘personal information’ and are therefore subject to the General Data Protection Regulation.

    JustPose takes your privacy, and that of your customers, very seriously. We are fully compliant with the GDPR in all areas of our business – please see our Privacy Policy for full details.

  • What can I expect from a JustPose project?

    We create and manage bespoke photo experience projects according to a simple, four-step process:

    1. Concept development: We’ll help you develop a strong creative concept that will deliver irresistibly share-worthy content, then pin down ways to bring that concept to life.
    2. Delivery and install: We build your experience to plan and to budget (including a prototype for testing if required), install your chosen photographic equipment and brief our brand ambassadors on your objectives.
    3. Go live: Your event goes live and the JustPose team swings into action. Fun, friendly and technically terrific, their job is to manage the crowd, deliver phenomenal content and maximise every opportunity to increase your brand’s reach.
    4. Debrief: We discuss learnings from your event and quantify your results through a set of detailed insights and reports. All useful stuff for your next brand activation.


    Ready to get started? Give us a call.

  • Where do we start?

    Because every project is different, a chat over the phone is the best place to start.  Give us a ring on 020 7112 8962.

    If you’re rushed off your feet today and would rather we called you back, drop us an email ( instead.